Regional Start-up Protocol

The Process of Regional Nodes emerging began at the Tribal Convergence event, when we were holding council. At the last council gathering the invitation to leadership was issued, and people stepped forth. In future, we might have an affirmation process introduced where the people who are present from the region get to respond to the self nomination...

Those who agreed to be regional facilitators while in council at the Tribal Convergence (or Convergence Network solutions sessions) communicate to plan a meeting...
Send an invite for a meeting to be held within 10 days of the last gathering which gathers all those who were at TC / CN solutions session in the same spirit. Send out the Council Guidelines & Standards of Being with the invite...

Using the format I listed in the other documents, the facilitators help the group drop into the unified field, connect with one another personally, and then conduct a discussion about taking the next steps. In Seattle we decided it was important to craft our values & purpose, design the gatherings according to what people here wanted, and that each meeting should serve our purpose by creating the community network of ecological projects and community members skill sets....

After this, it's just a matter of the Facilitators meeting once a week by conference call or in person to keep the gatherings going. Truly, once the intention is set the ship steers itself ;-}

Council Guidelines w/ Core Value, Purpose & Plan

We herein state our position, values, and purpose...

What defines any group are the agreements they make, and how they keep to them. The people of Seattle (Sound) Convergence Network have decided to act with a unified purpose in service to global society, and to agree upon certain common understandings which then guide how we act in the service of that purpose.

Our Core Value Statement:

We acknowledge that everything is part of an interconnected whole.

We accept that, within this whole, each being fulfills their creative purpose in a unique way.

We agree to encourage the fulfillment & realization of present & future generations while it is mindful of the whole.

Our Common Purpose:

We build intentional communities to support the various branches of cultural evolution which lead to harmonious and symbiotic relationships between ourselves and the natural world.

Our Plan:

~We gather once a week at an intentional community space to participate in workshops that educate us and projects which support the host community...

~We catalog & network the individuals & groups in Seattle that are facilitating constructive Cultural Evolution so that...

1-these individuals & groups can support one another with information & resources, creating community based economies which are independent of the monetary system
2-we can serve as a portal for people who are unsure of how to participate in constructive social change to have a way to choose what they love to do... so serving oneself and society are joined.

A central theme of the TC gathering was community building through council discussions which are facilitated by people chosen to keep the conversation on track and make sure everyone's contributions are honored. We all explicitly agreed at the beginning of these meetings to be facilitated for the benefit of the whole, and to follow these guidelines of conduct during the conversation....

Our Relationship Agreements:

Source-The Ojai Foundation

While in Council:

BEING OF LEAN EXPRESSION (concise communication)

Standards of Being:

Source-Authentic World

RESPONSIBILITY: we agree that we are completely responsible for our selves; for our integrity, our communication and our well being
NEUTRALITY: we assert no authority on 'the truth' about the world or about another, we are solely authorities of our own truth/experience
TRANSPARENCY: our truth in the moment is the greatest gift we can offer.
COMPASSION: we are committed to holding all beings as perfect and acknowledging the positive intention behind all actions (we are all doing the best we can from where we're at)
CONFIDENTIALITY: we honor any request for confidentiality and respect the impact we have on each other's reputations

Detailed Values & Purpose Statement

Sound Convergence (Seattle Tribal Convergence) Mission Statement

Values Agreement

We (Sound Convergence) agree to clearly state herein our common intentions and shared purpose of holding Intentional Gatherings (Council) for the creation and expansion of authentic community and supportive networks.

In order to act in unison and gain strength through cooperation, we share and practice Common Values. As we are an evolving community and our values reflect this evolution, we agree to revisit these values periodically for modification or clarification. In the spirit of universality and being inclusive, we aim to keep these values as clear and simple such that people from any culture or background can recognize them as basic tenets of mutual respect and the fulfillment of human potential. We agree to remain true to the spirit in which we gather and maintain our integrity as a group by making sure these values are honored within all projects we undertake.

To assist with organized and fruitful discussions held in council, we agree to follow the Guidelines of Behavior listed below. We agree to gently hold ourselves accountable and allow for each person’s voice to be heard. We agree to allow Facilitators to guide us through the discussion process while maintaining fairness and neutrality. As such, we come to agreement on the essence of our common Purpose and create our Plan of action and accomplishment.
Values Statement
We Value Humility where it admits wisdom, and courage where it honors the wisdom within
We value Shared Intent through Clear agreements and strive to address any breaches in our agreements with immediacy.
We value Unconditional Love through Kindness, Grace, Respect, Compassion, Honesty, and Truth.
We value the embodiment of Harmonious Relationships though Conscious Communication, and Humility in Being and Action.
We value the embodiment of Integrity through our Word and Deed.
We value the embodiment of Being in Service recognizing that serving the collective serves all individuals in the long term.
We value the embodiment of Being in Right Relation, and recognize that giving from a place of abundance is sustainable.
We value of the embodiment of Being Inclusive as a practice of common respect and value for diversity.
We value Learning and Healing and accept both the uncomfortable and nurturing spaces necessary for Growth and Evolution.
We value behavior patterns that are conscious and focus our energies towards the maintenance of health and personal fulfillment rather than those, which are habitual and entropic.
We value Full Engagement with clear Mind Body and Spirit and value refraining from intoxicants until the close of formal council discussion.
We value the perspective of seeing all things and ourselves as aspects and parts of the whole, in which our social health and behavior takes into account the health and wellness of all beings.
We value the perspective that everything in its current state is an aspect of perfection, while seeking to strengthen and preserve what is healthy and harmonious to the whole.
We value the embodiment of Transparency and taking Responsibility for our Truths in the most authentic way.

We value the embodiment of Being in the Present and the uniqueness of Who we are in our Self-Expression.
We value honoring the Elders, the Children and inter-generational teaching.
We value with the power of Intuition, and honor each person’s internal guidance.
We value with the Dynamics of Balance and Power, respecting the interplay of masculine and feminine energies and understanding that each serves a vital role in the Unification and Empowerment of community.
We value from the teachings and the ways of Ancestral Wisdom.
We value drawing attention to the present moment and truth in the Now.
We value the embodiment of heart-centered action and moving from inspiration and compassion.
We value the embodiment of joyous celebration and the time where revelry is appropriate.
We practice the embodiment of Gratitude and Abundance Consciousness for a Community that is Self-sufficient, Inter-dependent and Generative.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to lead lives that are true to these values and develop cultural and social systems which encourage human behavior to reflect them.

Our Plan:

In our practice of shared values, we respect each person’s unique way of contributing to social change. So, in order to help members find a project which benefits society and is appropriate to their joy in life, we intend to create a network of community projects which promote positive cultural evolution. This network will also be designed to help us support each other economically by including a list of community members alongside their skills, talents and professions.
This network will initially be interfaced as “Sound Convergence” as a facebook group page. As the community evolves, the living form and interface will evolve to best accommodate our collective needs. Our goal is eventually to tie this in with other networks which gather like-minded people together.
To help (“The Convergence Network“), Sound Convergence will support the creation/design of a website (whose purpose is to create a global community intent upon the creation, support, and expansion of peaceful social change and new systems of commerce.) which can most effectively tie us together as a community and serve as a secure way for us to participate in social change and alternative systems of commerce.

1/2 Day Meeting Template

1- 5-10 min : Facilitators Opening Ritual - Dropping In, creating connection, or creating the field... Exact nature decided by facilitators & host

2- 5-10 min : Quick Check in - Names and how you’re feeling at this moment... What inspired you to come or what you hope to get out of being here...

5-10min : Guidelines of Behavior...

3- 15-30 min : New Person’s Orientation & Experienced People’s Check-in - People who have not been to a council meeting break off into a separate group to get an extended period to be introduced to and discuss the agreements we accept for this type of discussion. Those who have been in council get a brief reminder of agreements and then share where they’re at with the goals they’ve set and what’s happened since last meeting... We all get to inspire one another with what we’re up to in the world!!

4- Period & Subject variable: Intention of this particular meeting - Agenda to be decided by Meeting Facilitators & Host on a conference call or by email prior to the meeting...

5- 30min-1 hour: Action Period - we break apart into teams and do research or email or take action on some political or social issue/ sign some petition etc...

6- 15 min : Review commitments & offer Support: we go over homework and state our goals for one another to establish support and accountability...

7- 5-10 min : Facilitators Closing Ritual/ Completion - Exact nature decided by facilitators & host

8- Celebration & Open discussion...

Full Day Meeting Template

One Day Gathering Blueprint to date:

Activities listed next to the values they represent. Descriptions follow...

1~ Opening Ritual/United Expression - Connection to one another and our Source

2~ Hike - Connection to Nature

3~ Sharing a Meal - Communion

4~ Council - Focusing Energy

a* Essence Check In - Internal Connection & Inspiration

b* Initiation or Review - Consistency & Integrity/Accountability

c*Extended Check-in - External Connection & Inspiration

d*Action Groups - Grounding Intention

5~ Action - Grounding Intention

a*Workshops - Education

b*Ecological Project - Community Service

6~ Dinner - Communion

7~ Council Part 2 - Focusing Energy

a*addressing specific issues - Appropriate timing/action

b*Closing Ritual - Connection to one another and our Source

8~ Celebration/Play - Spontaneous Communion & Bliss ;-}


1~We perform some ritual in which we all align our breath, in sound, in visualization, or in any way that joins us together in remembrance of our unity
2~We walk together in the presence of plant and animal spirits and connect to our mother
3~We take food together, in gratitude for this miraculous existence
4~We intentionally speak with one another to produce results
a*We each have our moment to share our names, how we feel, and (depending on the size of the group) what brought us here and what we hope to offer and receive-Connecting and being inspired by who we are
b*Those who have never been to council get to break off for an orientation to get agreements to be facilitated, on guidelines of behavior, and for questions.... Those who have been to council will discuss how they’ve been doing with their action commitments from last meeting
c*We share what socially conscious projects we are participating or interested in, what we can offer in terms of professional skills, and what we are looking for in terms of services or resources-Connecting and being inspired by what we are doing or dreaming (This is where the cataloging takes place, and we send the email list around)
d*Until we get our networking website up, we have a section where we network people by getting them in groups by interest / requirement (guild building)
5~We move ourselves and the intentional community in the direction of symbiosis
a*We have a workshop or two given by community members (in the invite, we made a call-out for volunteers) If the workshop’s about the making of nutritious food, it can prepare the dinner... but it’s any skill sharing that promotes health/ecology.
b*We undertake at least one project which supports the intentional community in becoming the culture of the future-gardening/permaculture, renewable energy systems... whatever support they need ;-}
6~We eat together again!!
7~We hold council once more...
a*we address specific issues raised in the invite. We’ve so far had subjects related to the formation of the group itself to get everyone’s participation and personal investment. Our planned subjects of discussion have included: the creation of a values statement, the formation of these gatherings, and the development of a web-based networking system. This is also where we review the experience of the day and invite people to accept commitments which we will support one another in
b*we close the energy field to reaffirm our unity before people might go their separate ways for the evening...
8~For those that stay... we go to dance~church ;-}